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August 2002

Shifting the Focus: An Interdisciplinary Framework for Advancing Violence Prevention

This paper delineates the accomplishments of a state interdisciplinary partnership to support local violence prevention efforts.

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March 2003

What Works in Reducing Impaired Driving

This is a version of an article prepared for the University of California Berkeley Traffic Safety Center Newsletter that discusses current trends and issues related to impaired driving prevention...

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January 2005

Before It Occurs: The Primary Prevention of Intimate Partner Violence

Produced for The Physician's Guide to Preventing Intimate Partner Violence, Prevention Institute and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention co-authored this chapter on...

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July 2005

A Lifetime Commitment to Violence Prevention: The Alameda County Blueprint

The Prevention Institute authored this Blueprint and facilitated a development process that included input from a diverse group of stakeholders from across Alameda County.

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May 1993

Poised for Prevention: Advancing Promising Approaches to Primary Prevention of Intimate Partner Violence

This document serves to build momentum for a national primary prevention strategy to prevent intimate partner violence.

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May 2009

Transforming Communities to Prevent Child Sexual Abuse and Exploitation: A Primary Prevention Approach

This policy brief presents the distilled research and critical thinking of a diverse group of local and national experts in the field of child sexual abuse and exploitation. Prevention Institute...

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December 2008

Bystanders can deter bullying

Prevention Institute's Annie Lyles is interviewed on the role of bystanders in preventing violence.

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