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July 1991

Beyond Brochures: Preventing Alcohol-Related Violence and Injuries

This paper describes The Spectrum of Prevention methodology in current practice in the injury field that can be effective at preventing alcohol-related injuries (both "intentional," i.e. violent...

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November 2007

Good Health Counts: A 21st Century Approach to Health and Community for California

This report focuses on indicators associated with community factors and how indicator reports and report cards can support community efforts to improve health.

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May 2009

A Time of Opportunity: Local Solutions to Reduce Inequities in Health and Safety

Prevention Institute and Tony Iton, MD, prepared this report for the Institute of Medicine's Roundtable on Health Disparities to identify policy solutions at the community, regional, and state...

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December 2001

Growing the Next Generation: Strategies to Improve Nutrition and Child Development in Los Angeles County

This report - originally commissioned by the County of Los Angeles, Department of Health Services - provides strategies to improve nutrition and child development in Los Angeles County.

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January 2008

Mapping the Movement for Healthy Food and Activity Environments in the United States: Organizational Snapshots

This publication summarizes the efforts of 11 organizations advocating for improvements in food and activity environments within predominantly low-income neighborhoods and with African American...

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May 2008

Strategies for Enhancing the Built Environment to Support Healthy Eating and Active Living

Though this brief primarily views the built environment through a public health lens, it also describes built environment issues from the perspective of environmental justice, sustainable food...

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May 2008

Promising Strategies for Creating Healthy Eating and Active Living Environments

This brief from the Convergence Partnership delineates crosscutting strategies that have the potential to engage diverse constituencies and address a diversity of issues that impact healthy eating...

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April 2007

Where's The Fruit? Fruit Content of the Most Highly-Advertised Children's Food and Beverages

This 2007 study, released in conjunction with Strategic Alliance for Healthy Food and Activity Environments, examines how the food and beverage industry continues...

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June 2001

Cultivating Peace in Salinas: A Framework for Violence Prevention

In an effort to improve health outcomes for children, youth, and families, the City of Salinas joined together with the Violent Injury Prevention Coalition (VIPC) and their foundation, Partners...

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June 2002

First Steps: Taking Action Early to Prevent Violence

The First Steps report, funded by the David and Lucile Packard Foundation, and done in collaboration with Action Alliance for Children and Fight Crime: Invest in Kids California, synthesizes a...

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