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Hand holding up a cardboard sign that says, "Racism is a Virus Too"

Advancing Racial Justice for Health: Operationalizing Racism as a Public Health Crisis in Big City Health Departments

Local jurisdictions are increasingly declaring that racism is a public health crisis. Taking action to operationalize these declarations, however, requires intentionally advancing a racial justice agenda. In response, Prevention Institute is partnering with the Big Cities Health Coalition (BCHC) to develop Advancing Racial Justice for Health, a long-term...

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December 2012

Health, Equity, and the Bottom Line: Workplace Wellness and California Small Businesses

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) has heightened the emphasis on workplace wellness as a potent strategy for preventing chronic disease and illness. In this brief, Health, Equity, and the Bottom...

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April 2010

Recipes for Change: Healthy Food in Every Community

The paper outlines organizational practices and public policies to expand access to healthy foods in support of healthy eating and better overall health.

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October 2009

Understanding Policy and Environmental Approaches to Reducing Chronic Disease Risk Factors

Presents environmental and policy approaches to supporting healthy food and active living environments, with a presentation by Prevention Institute's Larry Cohen that also focuses on preventing...

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June 2008

School's Out… Who Ate?

Highlights California community summer nutrition strategies and policy opportunities to increase access to the Summer Food Service Program.

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March 2007

Reading Between the Lines: Understanding Food Industry Responses to Concerns about Nutrition

This Rapid Response Framing Brief describes how food and beverage companies are reacting to pressure from public health groups...

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December 2006

Promoting Healthy Eating and Physical Activity in Health Care Settings

This brief provides an overview of the deficiency of healthy eating and physical activity promotion in clinical practice and health care settings, with examples and recommendations for changing...

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March 2005

Taking Action for a Healthier California

This Strategic Alliance document identifies concrete steps that business and government can take to create healthier places to live and work.

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April 2006

The Physician's Guide to Preventing Intimate Partner Violence

What clinicians need to know (and do) to prevent intimate partner violence from occurring in the first place.

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September 2010

Prevention is Primary: Strategies for Community Wellbeing

Co-published by Prevention Institute and Jossey Bass and APHA, Prevention is Primary describes the overarching foundation and principles guiding primary prevention efforts and highlights...

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