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Hand holding up a cardboard sign that says, "Racism is a Virus Too"

Advancing Racial Justice for Health: Operationalizing Racism as a Public Health Crisis in Big City Health Departments

Local jurisdictions are increasingly declaring that racism is a public health crisis. Taking action to operationalize these declarations, however, requires intentionally advancing a racial justice agenda. In response, Prevention Institute is partnering with the Big Cities Health Coalition (BCHC) to develop Advancing Racial Justice for Health, a long-term...

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Championing Change: Elected Officials Act Locally to Make their Communities Healthier

This brief by Prevention Institute and the American Public Health Association, examines the approaches local elected officials are taking to improve the health of their communities.

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January 2013

How Can We Pay for a Healthy Population? Innovative New Ways to Redirect Funds to Community Prevention

Prevention Institute researchers talked to health-system innovators around the country to identify emerging new approaches. The pioneers we profile in this report have found surprising new ways to...

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June 2012

The Intersection of Health Services and Community Environments: 8 Profiles of State-Driven Initiatives to Advance Population Health

Compiled by Prevention Institute (with support from the Kresge Foundation), the following eight profiles demonstrate how states are moving beyond silos to partner within and outside of state...

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July 2011

Leading the Way: California's Approach to Health and Equity in Tough Times

This document  details priority areas for action in the following categories:

I. Administrative Actions. The Brown Administration can take the following steps to position...

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October 2010

Our Health is California's Health: Setting the Health Agenda for 2010 & Beyond

Every decision we make impacts our health--from transit to education to new technology investments-and we must commit as a state to ensuring that every policy and decision we make will better the...

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April 2010

Recipes for Change: Healthy Food in Every Community

The paper outlines organizational practices and public policies to expand access to healthy foods in support of healthy eating and better overall health.

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August 2009

Toward Health Equity: A Prevention Framework for Reducing Health and Safety Disparities

This chapter in the textbook "The New World of Health Promotion: New Program Development, Implementation, and Evaluation," presents a detailed framework for prevention strategies to reduce health...

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October 2009

Understanding Policy and Environmental Approaches to Reducing Chronic Disease Risk Factors

Presents environmental and policy approaches to supporting healthy food and active living environments, with a presentation by Prevention Institute's Larry Cohen that also focuses on preventing...

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June 2008

Fast Food Primer: A Tool for Community Advocates

This Q&A on fast food marketing offers recommendations for how community members and advocacy groups can work to reduce the negative health impacts of major fast food restaurant chains.

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