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Championing Change: Elected Officials Act Locally to Make their Communities Healthier

This brief by Prevention Institute and the American Public Health Association, examines the approaches local elected officials are taking to improve the health of their communities.

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April 2013

What's Good for Health is Good for Business: Engaging the Business Community in Prevention Efforts

This resource guide for public health departments and coalitions outlines the steps involved in forging successful community prevention partnerships with local businesses.

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March 2012

The Promise of Prevention: Public Health as a Model for Effective Change

In this essay, UNITY Co-Chair Deborah Prothrow-Stith calls on criminal justice to partner with public health and work together to prevent violence before it occurs. Part of The Sentencing Project'...

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December 2011

How Social Factors Shape Health: Violence, Social Disadvantage and Health

The circumstances of where and how you are born, grow up, live, work and grow old shape your health. The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation's issue...

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June 2011

Prevention models working in California

Listen to Prevention Institute's Linda Shak, Program Manager, as she discusses prevention models currently working in the state of California on a Government Action Communications Institute...

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June 2011

Benefits of community prevention

Listen to Prevention Institute's Ann Whidden, Program Manager, on a Government Action and Communications Institute podcast, as she talks about the benefits of community prevention: prevention...

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November 2011

Social and Economic Costs of Violence—Workshop Summary

The "Social and Economic Costs of Violence-Workshop Summary" released by the Institute of Medicine presents a comprehensive framework for thinking...

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April 2011

NPT Reports: Children's Health Crisis - Prevention

NPT Reports: Children's Health Crisis - Prevention explores what will it take to improve the health of all children in Tennessee. Through conversations with health care professionals,...

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February 2010

Prevention Playing Cards Activities

Proponents of community health are constantly being asked to make the case, for example, for increasing access to safe parks, improving air quality, or creating a community program to prevent...

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March 2009

Health Equity Memo: Reducing Inequities in Health and Safety through Prevention

This memo, prepared by Prevention Institute and The Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies, provides background information on prevention as effective strategy for reducing health and...

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