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Hand holding up a cardboard sign that says, "Racism is a Virus Too"

Advancing Racial Justice for Health: Operationalizing Racism as a Public Health Crisis in Big City Health Departments

Local jurisdictions are increasingly declaring that racism is a public health crisis. Taking action to operationalize these declarations, however, requires intentionally advancing a racial justice agenda. In response, Prevention Institute is partnering with the Big Cities Health Coalition (BCHC) to develop Advancing Racial Justice for Health, a long-term...

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April 2019

Economic security and safe relationships: Pathways and actions for partner violence prevention

​Through the leadership of coalitions like the California Partnership to End Domestic Violence (the Partnership) and the California Work and Family Coalition, momentum is already building to...

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Creating a sexual violence prevention movement in Minnesota

The Sexual Violence Prevention Program (SVPP) at the Minnesota Department of Health has spent many years engaging partners to make prevention a priority with a focus on broad impact strategies and solutions. PI’s Spectrum of Prevention has been a guiding tool that has helped demonstrate the importance of synergy across multiple levels of prevention practice, while highlighting opportunities for broad impact by influencing policy and legislation, changing organizational practices, and fostering coalitions and networks.

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January 2017

How to Address High Utilization in Health Care

Community prevention and care management strategies can achieve short- and long-term returns

January 26, 2017

Jeremy Cantor and Larissa J. Estes...

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October 2016

Building a Thriving Nation: 21st-Century Vision and Practice to Advance Health and Equity

Building a Thriving Nation: 21st-Century Vision and Practice to Advance Health and Equity, recently published by the Health Education & Behavior journal, includes a brief overview of...

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June 2011

Benefits of community prevention

Listen to Prevention Institute's Ann Whidden, Program Manager, on a Government Action and Communications Institute podcast, as she talks about the benefits of community prevention: prevention...

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November 2010

Changing Community Environments to Prevent Sexual Violence: The Spectrum of Prevention

The Spectrum of Prevention provides a valuable framework for preventing sexual violence at all levels--by changing organizational...

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April 2011

In the First Place: Community Prevention’s Promise to Advance Health and Equity

In this article in the international journal Environment & Urbanization, Prevention Institute discusses how community prevention and health equity are global concerns, and outlines...

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April 2010

Children and Their Families are Safe From Violence In Their Homes and Neighborhoods

As part of the Building Healthy Communities Outcome Resource Guides, this article seeks to provide a comprehensive approach to violence prevention by sharing information about violence as...

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