Formed in 2001, the Strategic Alliance serves as a hub for cutting-edge policies and practices aimed at improving eating and activity opportunities for all Californians. Informed by community wisdom and experience, the Strategic Alliance network of advocates shines a light on the role that corporate and government practices play in shaping food and activity environments. Activities include:

  • Convening broad-based allies to define and refine priorities for advancing shared goals for increasing access to fresh, healthy and affordable food and beverages, and ensuring safe places to play for all.
  • Developing cohesive policy platforms to amplify diverse policy solutions
  • Creating online tools to support community-based policy efforts
  • Conducting research on, and authoring, studies to highlight the importance of healthy food and safe activity options
  • Issuing framing documents to lay out a vision for a healthier and more prosperous California
  • Facilitating a media advocacy rapid response network

Join Strategic Alliance as we advocate for policy, environmental, and organizational practice changes that will keep Californians healthier in the first place. In our Action Center, you'll find opportunities to:

  • Make change right in your neighborhood
  • Hold industry accountable for their role in shaping and limiting our access to healthy food and activity
  • Comment on federal, state, and local policies and platforms
  • Shape the conversation on food and activity access through the media
  • Share your unique voice and perspective as we work to ensure policies and strategies enacted promote health and access for all Californians—especially in communities with greatest need

Access the tools you need to develop messages and framing that emphasize the importance of creating healthier, more equitable food and activity environments. There
are many important stories to tell about how we can advance comprehensive solutions to create communities in which people thrive. Our tools can help you learn how to:

  • Pitch your story to a reporter
  • Prepare for a media interview
  • Get op-eds and letters to the editor published
  • Learn which blogs to track