For the fundamentals on Multi-sector Collaboration, we invite you to begin with these publications:

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June 2020

Violence Prevention through Multisectoral Collaboration

With support from the Violence Prevention Alliance and Global Partnership to End Violence Against Children, Prevention Institute developed this resource to offer PI’s Collaboration Multiplier as a...

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April 2019

Economic security and safe relationships: Pathways and actions for partner violence prevention

​Through the leadership of coalitions like the California Partnership to End Domestic Violence (the Partnership) and the California Work and Family Coalition, momentum is already building to...

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A Collection of Built Environment and Violence Prevention Resources

This collection includes a range of Prevention Institute publications with guidance on incorporating violence prevention into land use and community development decisions.

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October 2017

Reducing Children's Exposure to Violence: Maximizing Outcomes through Multi-sector Engagement

When sectors work together to address violence, not only can they fulfill their particular mandates, but they can also better serve communities and improve outcomes for children and youth....

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October 2017

A Good Solution Solves Multiple Problems: Exploring Prevention Strategies that Address Multiple Forms of Violence

Prevention Institute and Futures Without Violence partnered to develop this paper to inform the Defending Childhood Initiative, a first of its kind initiative to address children’s exposure to...

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July 2017

A Health Equity and Multisector Approach to Preventing Domestic Violence

This report offers research, analysis, frameworks, and practitioner wisdom to understand the factors in the community environment that support safe relationships and a reduction in domestic...

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April 2014

Multi-Sector Partnerships for Preventing Violence: A Guide for Using Collaboration Multiplier to Improve Safety Outcomes for Young People, Communities, and Cities

There is growing recognition that many sectors must be engaged to effectively prevent violence, but people always don't know what they bring to the table or how their sector can pitch in. This...

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May 2014

A Multi-Sector Approach to Preventing Violence

There is growing recognition that preventing violence means engaging many sectors, but collaboration can be difficult. This publication outlines the benefits and challenges of multi-sector...

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November 2011

Community Engagement in Design and Planning

The places where we live, work, learn and play affect our health, but not all communities support healthy outcomes, equally. Decisions about the built environment - such as land use, zoning, and...

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