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It’s time to speak up for a healthy, just future for all Californians

The healthcare bill introduced last week by Senators Lindsey Graham of South Carolina and Bill Cassidy of Louisiana continues to gain momentum, with a vote likely next week. This bill is even worse for California than previous repeal bills, and we need to act now to ensure it doesn’t pass.

This bill threatens to turn back the tremendous advances we’ve made here in California to address inequities in healthcare access and invest in our communities so that everyone has an opportunity to thrive. We need to say, loud and clear: Californians must not and will not relinquish the progress that we’ve made together.  We must continue to push ahead toward a future that is fair, just, and prosperous for all people who call California home. 

With Senators Dianne Feinstein and Kamala Harris strongly opposed to all efforts to repeal the Affordable Care Act, it’s time for Californians to shift their focus to the House of Representatives. 

California has too much at stake  – we need to start reaching out to our representatives now and ensure that if the Graham-Cassidy bill passes the Senate, California representatives will vote against it in the House. 

Vox’s Dylan Scott observed that the bill “takes money from the states that best implemented the Affordable Care Act and gives it to the states that obstructed the law.” No state has gone as far as California in embracing the Affordable Care Act, and no state has as much to lose. If Graham-Cassidy becomes law, California stands to lose $78 billion in federal funding from 2020 to 2026, after which federal funding for the Medicaid expansion and health exchange subsidies disappear altogether. 

That’s why Republican House members – who may soon be feeling the heat from House leadership to vote for the Graham-Cassidy bill -- need to hear from you now. 

Doug LaMalfa send a message or call (530) 878-5035 
Tom McClintocksend a message or call (916) 786-5560
Paul Cooksend a message or call (760) 247-1815
Jeff Denhamsend a message or call (209) 579-5458
David Valadaosend a message or call (559) 582-5526
Devin Nunessend a message or call (559) 323-5235
Kevin McCarthysend a message or call (661) 327-3611
Steve Knightsend a message or call (661) 255-5630
Edward “Ed” Roycesend a message or call (714) 255-0101
Ken Calvertsend a message or call (951) 277-0042 
Mimi Walterssend a message or call (949) 263-8703
Dana Rohrabachersend a message or call (714) 960-6483
Darrell Issasend a message or call (760) 599-5000
Duncan Huntersend a message or call (619) 448-5201

Once you’ve reached out to your representatives, please forward this alert to friends and colleagues, and ask them to do the same. 

Contact your representative TODAY to say that we need a robust health system that invests in prevention and public health, and expands access to healthcare. Anything less is unacceptable.  

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Reach out to friends and colleagues in priority states

If you have friends, colleagues or family members in Alaska, Arizona, Maine, Ohio, and West Virginia, please encourage them to speak up. Senators from these states need to hear from their constituents TODAY so that we can block the latest attempt to repeal the Affordable Care Act. Public Health Institute has a handy tool to help you identify Facebook friends who live in priority states

Maintaining Our Gains, Leading Towards the Future

It’s not just about healthcare. Californians have a tremendous stake in the national policy debates underway. Fundamental issues like healthcare access, environmental protections, privatization of public-sector assets and services, and the rights of vulnerable and marginalized communities hang in the balance. Together, California communities, families, decision-makers, business leaders, and lawmakers have the opportunity—and the responsibility—to stand up for the gains we’ve made and the future we seek. Read our policy platform.

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