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The cruel and unjust decision to roll back DACA, handed down this week by the Trump administration, is just another attempt to destabilize neighborhoods and shred the social fabric that holds us together and makes it possible for people to lead safe, healthy lives. Defending the rights of Dreamers is part and parcel of our collective work to create strong and stable communities where people can thrive. 

Alongside a diverse set of allies in grassroots, faith-based, for-profit and nonprofit organizations, and those working to improve health, healthcare, the environment, mental well-being, education, jobs, and build a bright future for all children and youth, we call on Congress to take assertive and unequivocal action to protect Dreamers, reject the brutal assault on immigrants’ rights this decision represents, and provide pathways to legal status for undocumented people who live in fear of detention and deportation. Failure to do so will exact a heavy cost on the health and wellbeing of us all, especially the most vulnerable members of our society. 

We understand that undocumented residents and their families face multiple and cumulative threats to their health and safety: racism, discrimination, and xenophobia among them. That’s why -- now more than ever -- we need a unified approach to ensure that all people and communities can flourish. We need approaches that create sanctuary and stability for all, and to recognize that we’re much stronger working together toward shared dreams. We stand with the Dreamers and the leaders taking strong actions to defend their rights. 

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