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Prevention Institute E-Alert: April 18, 2016

Creating a Healthier LA River for South LA residents

Prevention Institute is proud to announce that Manal J. Aboelata, managing director, has been appointed by California Natural Resources Secretary John Laird to the newly created Lower Los Angeles River Working Group, required by AB530, along with 36 other stakeholders in local government, community-based organizations, environmental conservation and public health.  The working group will develop a revitalization plan for the South Los Angeles segment, about 20 miles, of the Los Angeles River, which will guide multi-benefit public investments along this portion of the river.  

This project represents an unprecedented opportunity to invest in the health, safety and quality of life for the communities bordering the Lower Los Angeles River.  “Prevention Institute is pleased to serve on the Lower Los Angeles River working group. We see tremendous potential to bring people living in South LA and the cities touched by the southern stretch of the LA River new access to safe places to play and be physically active,” Aboelata said. “Our hope is that--with attention to health, safety and equitable opportunities--the plan will make it possible for the families who have been living along the river to benefit most from the health and environmental improvements that are sure to come as revitalization takes place.”

The appointment comes as part of her longstanding commitment to improving community health and promoting equitable access to parks and open space. Aboelata leads Prevention Institute’s California strategy and currently serves as board chair for the Los Angeles Neighborhood Land Trust, a nonprofit organization dedicated to ensuring every Los Angeles area resident lives within walking distance of a park or garden.

The LA River revitalization is a once-in-a-generation opportunity to bring needed urban parks and green spaces to underserved LA neighborhoods and engage low-income residents and stakeholders in a collaborative process of community transformation.

Photo credit: Martin Addison

Ensuring Healthy Development Without Displacement

A new PI brief shares key learnings from a recent summit in Los Angeles to discuss tools and strategies for supporting healthy community development without displacing current residents.

Moving From Understanding to Action on Health Equity

PI’s new report, Moving From Understanding to Action on Health Equity: Social Determinants of Health Frameworks and THRIVE, presents an overview of Social Determinants of Health (SDOH) frameworks and discusses how our updated THRIVE tool has incorporated the field's collective knowledge on SDOH.

Preventing Violence Through Deliberate Land Use Strategies

PI’s new paper, Community Safety by Design: Preventing Violence through Land Use, outlines concrete steps to better integrate effective violence prevention strategies into land-use decisions.

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