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Prevention Institute E-alert: June 29th, 2015

Investing in Safe, Vibrant, and Inclusive Communities is Good for Business

Businesses can play a huge role in making communities safer, whether by providing work opportunities to those who have been historically denied, beautifying their neighborhoods, or meeting with local officials to voice support for violence prevention policies. In an op-ed published today in the Los Angeles Business Journal, Prevention Institute’s Annie Lyles discusses the many ways businesses can invest in safe communities, and how it can be beneficial for the businesses as well as the people who live among them.  She writes:

“Individuals who are employed are less likely to be involved in violence. As the Violence Prevention Coalition of Greater Los Angeles has noted, ‘The goal of re-entry is not only to prevent recidivism but to create productive citizens.’ For businesses, it’s also a practical matter: By providing work opportunities to those who have been historically denied, businesses can help create a thriving community environment, one that will generate and attract even more business.”

When communities improve, businesses are better able to retain and recruit employees, as well as boost employee morale and productivity.  They also can enhance their standing among the community, and elevate their visibility with the public and with political leaders. Such win-win scenarios are possible, and there are a growing number of examples around the country where businesses have invested in communities to the benefit of all parties concerned.

Read more in the full article at the Los Angeles Business Journal.

Leveraging Partnerships to Prevent Violence

Join this July 9 PreventConnect webinar on leveraging partnerships to prevent sexual and domestic violence. Guests will share how they’ve engaged the community and justice, education, and health sectors to have a greater impact. Register here

Prevention Institute is Hiring!

We’re seeking Program Managers and Program Coordinators to focus on advancing prevention through transforming our health system, promoting health equity, preventing violence, and/or improving mental health outcomes. Download the position descriptions here

Portrayal of Violence in the Press

Read an analysis by PI and Berkeley Media Studies Group on how community violence and safety are covered by the California press. 

A Multi-Sector Approach to Preventing Violence

Preventing violence means engaging many sectors. Our report outlines how community services, the economic sector, schools, and public health can work together successfully to prevent violence.

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