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Strategic Alliance Alert: October 8, 2014

Health is on the ballot in Berkeley, San Francisco, LA. Two events show why.

With just four weeks to go until the November elections, Prevention Institute is excited to co-sponsor two upcoming voter information events.

Soda taxes are on the ballot this November in San Francisco and Berkeley!

To help inform and educate voters in Berkeley and San Francisco who will be voting on proposals to tax sugary beverage in November, health advocates have organized the Soda Series of events and lectures about the health impacts of soda. Prevention Institute is pleased to be a co-sponsor. Join us this week for the final event in the series:

Big Soda and the Environment
Thursday, October 9, from 7:00 - 9:00 PM
Brower Center, 2150 Allston Way, Berkeley

Speakers from Corporate Accountability International, Earth Island Journal, Friends of the Earth and Container Recycling Institute will explore the beverage industry’s environmental impacts--from litter and recycling to water wars and GMO crops

* * * * * *

Safe neighborhood parks are on the ballot in Los Angeles!

In 1992, Los Angeles County voters approved the Safe Neighborhood Parks Measure, which provided approximately $54 million per year for neighborhood parks. With this measure about to expire, Proposition P will preserve funding for parks and open spaces.

Informational Workshop on Los Angeles’ Proposition P
Friday, October 24, 5:30 - 7:30 PM
DWP Crenshaw Auditorium, 4030 Crenshaw Boulevard, Los Angeles
Space is limited. RSVP to PropP5@migcom.com

Join us on October 24 for an informational workshop on Los Angeles’ Proposition P, and how this measure will:

  • Improve and increase parks and recreational facilities in park-poor areas
  • Enhance water quality in the LA River, San Gabriel River, creeks, lakes and beaches
  • Protect water supply sources
  • Increase open space
  • Employ and train local youth
  • Enhance cultural and arts facilities
  • Upgrade and maintain neighborhood parks
  • Support gang prevention programs
Workshop sponsors will provide educational materials in multiple languages that you can share with members of your community. Refreshments will be served.

You can also learn more about Prop P by visiting the Los Angeles County Department of Parks and Recreation website.

Big Soda and the Environment 10/9

Join us for the final Soda Series lecture in Berkeley on Thursday, October 9, to learn more about the beverage industry's environmental impacts.

Informational Workshop on Los Angeles' Prop P

Attend an informational workshop on Los Angeles' Safe Neighborhood Parks ballot measure on Friday, October 24.

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