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April 22, 2014

Spread the word: PI is now hiring a manager and coordinator

Prevention Institute is seeking applicants for two important positions and we’d like to ask our friends, supporters and partners to help spread the word by circulating these hiring announcements.

Program Manager for Health Equity

This person will help lead and implement projects focused on advancing our health equity work, including our THRIVE project (funded by the US Office of Minority Health) and will also develop new projects in the area of health equity. Read a complete job announcement here.

Program Coordinator

This person will help coordinate and implement projects, with a probable emphasis on health equity and the prevention of injury and violence. Responsibilities include project coordination, research, development of training materials and conducting trainings and presentations. Read the complete job announcement here.

Please help us get the word out!

LA in Motion

Check out our latest blog over at KCET: Health, Transportation, and the Power of Prevention: Reinventing Los Angeles for the Next Generation. 

Plan for a Healthy Los Angeles

Prevention Institute’s Manal Aboelata has been an advisor helping to craft the Plan for a Healthy Los Angeles. She recently sat down to discuss the issues at its heart. Read the interview here.

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