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Prevention Institute alert: June 10, 2013

Date Change: Webinar on $1 Billion Innovation Awards Moved to June 14

Prevention Institute, Public Health Institute and Trust for America’s Health will co-host a Dialogue4Health Webinar to provide information on a dynamic new funding opportunity offered by the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation (CMMI). The webinar will now take place on Friday, June 14, from 11:30 am to 1:00 pm PST (2:30 pm to 4:00 am EST). Click here to register for this webinar, titled $1 Billion in CMMI Innovation Awards: Opportunities for Advancing Community Prevention and Population Health. We are honored to have Jim Hester, PhD, former director of the Population Health Models Group at CMMI, as a speaker. Webinar speakers also include:

  • Jeff Levi, PhD, executive director of Trust for America's Health
  • Kimberlydawn Wisdom, MD, MS, board member at Public Health Institute, senior vice president of Community Health & Equity and chief wellness officer at Henry Ford Health Systems, and former Michigan surgeon general
  • Larry Cohen, MSW, founder and executive director of Prevention Institute
  • A representative from the University of Chicago Community Rx System Project, a recipient of a Round One CMMI Innovation Award
  • Moderator: Matthew Marsom, vice president for Public Health Policy and Advocacy at Public Health Institute

The Innovation Awards, an important part of Health Reform legislation, will support public and private organizations to develop and test new payment and healthcare delivery models that improve quality and reduce the costs of treating people enrolled in Medicare, Medicaid and the Children’s Health Insurance Program. The funding announcement includes a category for “models that improve the health of populations.” This is a great opportunity to build momentum for the kind of health system transformation that will result in healthy people and places everywhere.

CMMI has invited a variety of innovators including providers, local governments, community-based organizations, payers and health systems to apply, individually or as in partners. During the webinar, speakers from our three organizations will discuss the opportunity for applicants to submit proposals to develop new payment models that advance and incentivize community prevention.

If you are engaged in some of this cutting-edge work, we encourage you to submit a letter of intent in the population health category. The Innovation Center has released detailed instructions on how to apply for an award. A Letter of Intent is due at the end of the month; applications are due in August. We greatly appreciate the Innovation Center for its leadership and for this opportunity to advance population health.

We hope this webinar will be a resource to potential applicants, as well as a forum for sharing and discussing cutting-edge ideas on what a community-centered health system could look like. We have provided links in the sidebar of this alert to some briefs that outline our thinking on health system transformation and ways to finance population health. Please consider us a resource and let us know if you plan to apply.

How will the 2014 budget impact public health?

This article in The Nation's Health explores the challenges and bright spots in Obama's 2014 budget proposal for public health and prevention funding, and includes comments from PI's Larry Cohen.

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In this paper, we outline an approach that community health centers can take to integrate community prevention into the delivery of services.

Download How Can We Pay for a Healthy Population?

Prevention Institute talked to health-system innovators around the country to identify emerging new approaches for financing population health measures that prioritize community prevention.

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