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May 15, 2013

Nominate a CA Advocate for Strategic Alliance's 2013 Media Advocacy Award

There's only one week left to submit your nomination for Strategic Alliance's Award for Excellence in Media Advocacy! 

We encourage you to nominate a local or state advocate who is helping shape media coverage that shifts how policymakers and the public understand food and physical activity—as issues that demand policy change, corporate accountability and social justice. This year's award recipient will be honored at next month's 2013 Childhood Obesity Conference in Long Beach, CA.


We’re looking for advocates who:

  • Effectively use media advocacy to advance their environmental and policy change goals  (e.g., planning media events, pitching stories to local reporters, guiding reporters on site visits, or meeting with editorial boards);
  • Serve as trusted sources for reporters in their communities (e.g., providing relevant data, policy updates, community voices, and framing guidance that helps reporters tell the story of the role of the environment and policy in shaping health);   
  • Pen persuasive letters to the editor and powerful Op-Eds; and
  • Use new media (blogging, tweeting, etc.) to elevate and advance food and physical activity policy efforts.

Got a media advocate in mind? Click here to submit your nomination. Remember to include at least one example of the nominee’s media advocacy work. 

Send your nominations today! The deadline to submit nominations is Wednesday, May 22, 2013. If you have any questions about the nomination process, please contact Sarah Mittermaier.   

Latino kids bombarded by junk food ads - make your voice heard

A new report shows significant disparities between the foods marketed on television to Spanish-speaking children as compared to English-speaking children. Our latest Rapid Response provides media advocacy tips. 

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