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May 2, 2013

California Sugary Drinks Tax Gains Momentum, Needs YOUR Support

Yesterday, Senate Bill 622, which would establish a statewide soda tax and create a Children’s Health Promotion Fund, passed the Senate Health Committee. This victory is no small feat -- it's the first time a sugar-sweetened beverage tax has ever cleared two committees. Next stop: the bill will be heading to the Appropriations Committee, where it will need strong support from public health advocates and families up and down the state.

You can find more information on California’s proposed sugar-sweetened beverage tax, including a factsheet, and sample letters of support on the
California Center for Public Health Advocacy’s website.

In our latest blog post, Sarah Mittermaier takes a look at SB 622 and explores the need for a statewide soda tax to stem the tide of chronic disease and fund vital children’s health initiatives. She writes:

I am more confident than ever that public opinion is shifting and that beverage industry lobbying dollars will not always be able to buy elections. In a recent Field poll, 68% of California voters (including 79% of Latinos and 70% of African Americans) said they would support taxing sugar-sweetened beverages if the proceeds funded increased physical activity and improved nutrition in schools.

Read more at our new California Blog.

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