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April 27th, 2012

Statement from Prevention Institute’s Executive Director Larry Cohen’s statement on Today’s House Vote to Repeal Prevention and Public Health Fund

“Today’s House vote proposing to liquidate the Prevention and Public Health Fund is foolish and shortsighted. Student loan rates and funding for prevention are two important investments in the economic prosperity of our nation. Trying to pit education against health is destructive and those of us that care about the future of this country cannot accept this disingenuous approach.

There is overwhelming evidence that prevention works: it saves money and lives. When our legislators vote against prevention, they are voting against thriving communities. They are voting against communities where children can walk and bike to school safely. They are voting against communities where the air is free from toxic tobacco smoke. They are voting against communities where healthy and affordable  food is readily accessible. They are voting against communities where all residents feel safe and against communities where businesses want to open their doors. We will not let the lack of vision demonstrated by the House deter us from our course.”           

Read our latest post on The Hill, "Putting health ahead of politics: what do we really want to save?"

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