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December 14th, 2011

House Slashes Prevention Funding--Join Thursday's Day of Action

Who turns down a $50 billion dollar savings for the country? Who turns down the opportunity for better health for all Americans? The House did, Tuesday, as the majority of representatives voted to slash the Prevention and Public Health Fund as a means to pay for increased doctors’ Medicare reimbursement, called the ‘doc fix.’

Those who understand prevention know that we can’t save our healthcare system without it, and we’re counting on legislative champions and prevention advocates alike to make sure that this visionary funding stays in place—with no cuts or compromises.  The President has already said he would veto HR 3630, the payroll tax bill which houses the Medicare doc fix. In the Senate, Senator Harkin said the doc fix "isn't going to happen," and Baucus called it "not a good idea at all."

In just a few days, prevention allies sent over 1700 messages from our website to congress telling them the same thing--that it's not a good idea to cut prevention. We thank you for your calls and emails, and we need you to stay involved.

Thursday December 15th is a national day of action for prevention funding.  Here’s how you can add your voice:

Not every communication with a legislator will count as lobbying, and not all your communications about legislation will count as lobbying. The Alliance for Justice is a useful resource to learn more about what specific activities constitutes lobbying, and how to determine your organization’s annual lobbying limit.

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