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October 24, 2011

Food Day 2011 Is Here!

This morning, Strategic Alliance’s Juliet Sims spoke on the steps of San Francisco’s City Hall, highlighting the growing momentum for healthy and equitable food systems and the leading role the state has played in advancing healthy food policy. This was just one of the thousands of events taking place throughout the country—in homes, schools, churches, farmers’ markets, city halls, and state capitals—as people are calling attention to the food issues that matter to them.

And the day isn’t over yet. There are still plenty of opportunities to take action and get involved.

  • See our recent alert for several quick, simple actions you can take to make a difference and support healthy food environments in the state.
  • Visit the Food Day map to find and join events happening in your area. Don’t forget to post your event pictures at the Food Day Flickr page, and upload videos to the Food Day Youtube page.

We want to hear from you! How did you use Food Day to advance healthy food environments in your community? Did you plan or attend an event? Tell us about it here.

IOM Releases Phase II Report on Front-of-Package Labeling

Strategic Alliance calls the IOM's recommendations for a clear, uniform front-of-package labeling system a step in the right direction. Click here to read Prevention Institute and Strategic Alliance's statement.

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