New Orleans Food and Farm Network

Hurricane Katrina was a recent memory when food scarcity became a frightening reality for many residents who already lacked easy access to healthy foods before the disaster. A food mapping effort started out as a short-term response to residents' need to get access to soup kitchens, grocery stores, or food pantries and now has become a tool for understanding

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The Food Project of Boston: Dorchester, Massachusetts

Cultivating fruits and vegetables in an urban garden and on a suburban farm leased from the city at minimal cost, youth work with The Food Project and participate in community-supported agriculture that brings healthy produce to low-income residents throughout Boston.

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The Community-Driven Eden Area Livability Initiative


Improving community environments requires a comprehensive approach that creates bridges across sectors. Over a period of roughly two years, stakeholders in the western unincorporated area of Alameda County (also called "The Eden Area") came together to identify, discuss, and debate the most important issues facing their communities and to develop a collective vision of livable communities and a prioritized set of actions.


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Cultivating Communities: Seattle, Washington

Developed by the Seattle Housing Authority, Cultivating Communities is a neighborhood gardening program for low-income communities in Seattle, Washington. The program has provided lead-free gardening plots, increased availability of healthy food, and promoted social connections and trust between community members.

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