Changing and Sharing the Narrative

Making Connections sites are changing the narrative on mental health and wellbeing in their communities, raising awareness of community strengths and resilience. You don’t need to be a professional to get your story out there—film a video of a community event on your phone, find a talented amateur photographer in your community, and connect with people who are already active on Facebook or Twitter to help build your social media presence and share your work with a broader audience. 

Across Making Connections sites, community coalitions have created videos, podcasts, op-eds, spoken word events, art installations, and social media posts that tell stories that often go untold: about men and boys’ mental wellbeing and resilience, cultural strengths and the healing power of traditions, and community successes and resident-driven solutions.

Check out the Making Connections: Changing the Narrative PowerPoint—which provides examples of compelling messages, storytelling tips, photographs, and social media posts from Making Connections sites—for more ideas on how to get started. 


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