In Bartholomew County, Indiana, the Columbus Area Chamber of Commerce has worked with two other local groups to create Reach Healthy Business, a workplace recognition program designed to support companies who are committed to creating a workplace that supports employee health. Says Chamber of Commerce president Jack Hess, "The two biggest costs grabbers for any business today are both health related-and that's health insurance increases, but also the loss in productivity based on the treatment of health-related disease, such as employee absenteeism. The bottom line is this: a healthy community is one in which companies want to locate, businesses want to grow and expand, and the best workforce in the world wants to live." Bartholomew County's Farm-to-Fork program didn't just bring 11,000 students fresh strawberries, tomatoes, watermelon and apples from local farmers: it also saved money, when food service directors found some local produce priced at half the cost of produce that had been shipped in from out of state.

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