Community changes will help build a healthier Louisville and create a more satisfying place to live, work, and play. The parks and recreation system will provide expanded options, making physical activity more accessible for Louisville residents. Areas previously designated as food deserts will offer affordable and easily accessible fruits, vegetables, and other healthy options. Diners at local restaurants will make informed decisions about what they eat based on nutrition information included on menus. Neighborhoods, schools, offices, churches, and other segments of the community will embrace physical activity and nutrition so that it is integrated into the daily lives of Louisville residents.

In Louisville, three ‘Healthy Corner Stores' have already opened up in a ‘food desert' neighborhood where there was almost no fresh food. By March 2012, they'll have opened nine stores, bringing literally thousands more servings of fruits and vegetables to those families. Plus, they're giving local store owners new equipment, business planning, and minor construction improvements-making the economy as healthy as the neighborhood.


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