To increase access to healthy foods in low-income neighborhoods, the Minneapolis Department of Health and Family Support (MDHFS) is working with 10 convenience stores to improve the availability, affordability and quality of fresh produce and healthy foods for residents.

For example, before taking part in MDHFS' Healthy Corner Store Program, Lowry's produce was limited and hard to find, often kept in coolers at the back of the store. With MDHFS' assistance, the store doubled its variety of fruits and vegetables, priced items affordably, and strategically displayed signage to direct customers to the healthy food. A Grab 'n Go display provides customers with quick, healthy options while another display showcases ingredients for a healthy meal. Since implementing these changes, Lowry's produce sales have increased by 50%. "The Healthy Corner Store Program has helped me better display fruits and vegetables in my store. Since the display went up, customers have noticed the difference and commented on how nice it looks. My sales have increased because people are buying more fruits-I am selling a lot more bananas, oranges and apples. I will continue to bring new items in the store and work with the City to promote the benefits of healthy foods to my customers," said Bassem Kablaoui, the owner of Lowry Food Market.


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