This project focused on revitalizing Hunting Park, an 87-acre park that lies at the crossroads of several neighborhoods in North Philadelphia, by creating activities around healthy food access as a way to actively engage a variety of age groups in park stewardship and strengthen community bonds. To ensure that changes were long-lasting, the entire project was community-driven and community-managed. The Youth Environmental Stewardship program fostered a sense of ownership of the park among youth-with a special focus on violence prevention and youth leadership-and provided youth job training and opportunities that focused on improving the park. The new presence of community garden and farmers market provides increased access to healthy, affordable fruits and vegetables for surrounding neighborhoods while simultaneously improving the physical appearance of the park, increasing community use of the space, and influencing the perception of safety in and around the park. Another result of project efforts is a new permitting system that waives fees for farmers' market on park property, creating an incentive for new markets to be established.


Community team:

  • Fairmount Park Conservancy
  • The Food Trust
  • Greater Philadelphia Urban
  • Hunting Park United
  • MEE Productions
  • Nu Sigma Youth Services
  • Pennsylvania Horticultural Society (Philadelphia Green)
  • Philadelphia Anti-Drug/Anti-Violence Network (PAAN)
  • Philadelphia Department of Public Health
  • Philadelphia Urban Food & Fitness Alliance (PUFFA)
  • United Way of Southeastern Pennsylvania
  • Youth