The Pico Union/MacArthur Park area of Los Angeles has a diverse Latino population, which comprises seventy-seven percent of the community. As part of Los Angeles ' Economic Development Zone, the area has a program for its under-employed and unemployed residents. With city and county redevelopment funds, it provides educational training, employment services, and training that enables participants to become licensed to prepare, handle, and sell food products, and to establish self-employment and micro-business enterprises. Further, they have created a licensed vending program and opened a restaurant. These food outlets offer healthy tamales and other foods that reflect the culture of the people in the program and in the community. There are plans to replicate this program in a Korean neighborhood with Korean food. Outcomes include: 1) Job training and preparation for people with limited income opportunities and job skills (jobs and local ownership), 2) Increased availability of culturally appropriate, affordable prepared foods in the community (what's sold and how it's promoted).

From: THRIVE: Tool for Health and Resilience in Vulnerable Environments