Tri-County aspires to create a school environment where vending machines feature healthy snacks and drinks, and physical activity is integrated into the classroom setting and the academic curriculum. Students will visit Tri-County's parks and recreation facilities for class excursions. Through radio, television, and Internet, youth will learn how to eat more nutritiously and be more active. Every town and city in the Tri-County area will have a comprehensive master plan that includes built environment strategies that support healthy eating and active living.


Tri-County is taking action to:

  • Ensure all 26 municipalities' plans address ways to increase physical activity and improve nutrition among residents.
  • Develop sustainable partnerships between schools and local parks to increase physical activity and integrate it into the classroom setting.
  • Implement a media strategy to increase awareness of the importance of physical activity and nutrition. With help from a variety of partners, media messages will be developed in English and Spanish, and research will be conducted to determine changes in awareness and behavior.
  • Utilize district grant coordinators, who represent the area's 15 school districts, to identify opportunities for health interventions that increase healthy eating and physical activity.

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