The image is a colorful illustration that juxtaposes silhouetted profiles of individuals against a backdrop of community and activism scenes. The silhouettes appear to be of young African American individuals, with discernible features like hair and facial expressions. Below these profiles are vibrant vignettes of community life, including people gardening, eating together, and engaging in educational activities. One person is depicted holding a peace sign, symbolizing non-violence or protest. The overall aesthetic combines elements of daily life with themes of social action, suggesting a focus on community development and racial justice. The use of bold colors and the silhouette style creates a strong visual narrative about the role individuals play within their communities.Image by Nye' Lyn Tho

Achieving racial justice and safety requires changes in policies, systems, and resources. Policy includes procedures, administrative actions, incentives, and organizational and voluntary practices at the local, state, and national levels. Systems are all around us and shape our community environments and daily lives—examples include the education system, criminal legal system, health system, and housing system, to name a few. Decisions about which policies and systems to prioritize and advance over others are often reflected in the allocation and distribution of resources. These decisions can either contribute to racial justice and safety, or lead to further structural inequities and violence. This module offers resources, tools, and case examples to apply racial justice principles to violence prevention policy, systems change, and resource efforts. 

Section 1: Foundational elements

What are some of the building blocks for racial justice policy and systems change?

Section 2: Implementation strategies

How can we implement racial justice policy and systems changes?

Section 3: Connecting racial justice policy and systems change with narrative change

Why is it important to connect policy and narrative change work for greater impact?