Webinar: Community Safety Realized: Public Health Pathways to Preventing Violence

June 8, 12-1 PM PST/2-3 CST/3-4 EST

Cities are recognizing that violence is a preventable public health issue and are working to reimagine community safety. How can cities and communities work across sectors to invest in public health strategies and shift from an over-reliance on the criminal legal system to reimagining and finally realizing community safety? And what unique roles can health departments play to help cities work toward their community safety goals?

Watch the webinar recording to learn about  a new framework, Community Safety Realized: Public Health Pathways to Preventing Violence, that was introduced by the Big Cities Health Coalition and Prevention Institute. You can also download the webinar slides.



  • Chrissie Juliano, MPP, Executive Director, Big Cities Health Coalition

  • Rachel Davis, Executive Director, Prevention Institute 

  • Sasha Cotton, Director, Office of Violence Prevention, City of Minneapolis

  • Marvia D. Jones, PhD, MPH, Division Manager, Community and Family Health Education, Kansas City Health Department


  • Lisa Fujie Parks, Associate Program Director, Prevention Institute

During the webinar, participants:

  • Engaged in candid discussions about public health pathways to safety and healing.

  • Heard from transformational public health leaders in Minneapolis, Minnesota and Kansas City, Missouri who have been implementing successful community-driven and multi-sector violence prevention initiatives, grounded in racial justice. 

  • Learned about the Community Safety Realized framework and how it is responsive to the health equity and racial justice demands of this moment.

  • Discussed the critical roles that community leaders, public health departments, and many other agencies and sectors play in realizing community safety and healing.

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*Our work to share and use the Community Safety Realized tool is supported by The Langeloth Foundation and The CARESTAR Foundation.