Anna Caballero

State Senator from the 12th State Senate District

Anna Caballero was appointed to lead the California State and Consumer Services Agency by Governor Jerry Brown on March 22, 2011. She was a Democratic member of the California State Assembly who was elected to serve.

Born to a family of copper miners, Ms. Caballero moved to the Salinas Valley 25 years ago to work for California Rural Legal Assistance (CRLA). She received her B.A. degree from the University of California, San Diego and her J.D. degree from UCLA. As an attorney, she represented striking farm workers and fought side by side with unions to prevent plant closures. She, along with three partners, founded the law firm Caballero, Matcham & McCarthy, in 1982 to provide low cost legal service. The business received several awards. Caballero was recognized with the Athena Award for entrepreneurial excellence.

Caballero served on the Planning Commission and was later elected to the Salinas City Council in 1991. She was then elected mayor in 1998. As mayor, she carefully navigated Salinas through budgetary problems and managed to keep Salinas's libraries open through a donations program. Caballero was elected to the State Assembly in 2006.

Caballero has also served as the executive director of Partners for Peace, a nonprofit organization dedicated to bringing the community together to prevent gang violence and focus on literacy, early childhood education, and providing services to families. Caballero is also a wife and mother. Her husband, Juan Uranga, is the Director of the Center for Community Advocacy in Salinas.

Caballero ran for the California State Senate in 2010 to replace term-limited Republican incumbent Jeff Denham, who ran successfully for Congress. In a surprise, Caballero lost to Ceres Mayor Anthony Cannella.

In 2018, Caballero announced that she would again run for the state Senate to succeed Cannella.