Program Coordinator

Prevention Institute (PI) is a national nonprofit with offices in Oakland, Los Angeles, Houston, and Washington, D.C. Our mission is to build prevention and health equity into key policies and actions at the federal, state, local, and organizational level to ensure that the places where all people live, work, play and learn foster health, safety and wellbeing. Since 1997, we have partnered with communities, local government entities, foundations, multiple sectors, and public health agencies to bring cutting-edge research, practice, strategy, and analysis to the pressing health and safety concerns of the day. We have applied our approach to injury and violence prevention, healthy eating and active living, land use, health systems transformation, and mental health and wellbeing, among other issues.

Prevention is a systematic process that promotes health, safety, and wellbeing and reduces the frequency and/or severity of illness and injury. Our prevention approach emphasizes:

  • Transforming community environments to prevent problems from occurring before the onset of symptoms or risk of injury;
  • Elevating equity in health, safety, and wellbeing outcomes; and
  • Prioritizing communities that are most vulnerable to harm and communities that are experiencing the greatest harm.

For more information about how we create healthier, more equitable communities through prevention, see

About this position:

We are looking for a Coordinator to work with us in advancing equitable upstream, community prevention to achieve health, safety and wellbeing. Qualified candidates will be knowledgeable about what determines community health, safety and wellbeing, and what it takes to build partnerships to effectively advance health equity. This position includes responsibility for project coordination and supervision; helping to advance innovation, practice, policy, and momentum for prevention and health equity; partnership engagement; and supporting shared responsibilities across the organization. 

Program Coordinator responsibilities include:

  • Project coordination: Coordinate projects to completion on time, meeting milestones and deliverables with team members and supervisors. Facilitate effective communications with multicultural team members. Communicate work progress on project and maintains awareness of connections across projects and portfolios. Build in adequate time for feedback from multiple levels and sources and integrates input that results in improved work product. Provide logistical support and coordination and assists with development of materials for events, conferences, consultations, and presentations. Coordinate project team members to ensure timely completion of project goals and deliverables. Supervise staff members and/or project staff as assigned.
  • Coordinate and support qualitative research across a range of health equity and racial justice issues: Analyze, synthesize, and draw themes from primary research, program documents, evaluation materials, and grey literature. Contribute to conceptualization, research and writing of papers, policy briefs, advocacy statements, and articles. Support all aspects of PI research including key informant interviews and surveys with demonstrated experience / attention to / respect for diverse backgrounds.
  • Advance practice and policy in support of prevention and health equity: Co-develop training tools, materials and curricula for trainings and presentations, based on Prevention Institute’s approaches and frameworks. Support the provision of training, technical assistance, and consultation services to a broad range of clients, including community organizations, government agencies and foundations. Coordinate and/or implements new and ongoing systems to improve organizational effectiveness in support of achieving our mission.
  • Produce written and oral communications: Contribute to written products such as papers, grant applications and reports, and outreach letters. Apply PI tools and methods to emerging work and incorporates new insights gained through application. Develop materials cognizant of language preferences and various learning styles. Co-conduct presentations and training to racially, ethnically, and socioeconomically diverse audiences and amplifies community perspectives. Contribute to policy analysis using PI approach/criteria, reflecting HE/RJ aims and in consultation with key content staff. Represent Prevention Institute’s vision, work, and values in meetings with other organizations and agencies, as appropriate.
  • Support authentic and enduring partnership development: Support the development and maintenance of strategic partnerships. Advance co-creation with community members and partner organizations.

PI staff work on multi-disciplinary teams and across multiple health, safety and wellbeing projects. At this time, we are seeking candidates who will support local, state and national health equity policy; one or more learning communities moving from planning into implementation; and qualitative research on topics including health equity, community safety, mental wellbeing and chronic disease prevention.

Due to physical distancing measures to reduce the spread of COVID-19, this position will begin remotely. We are looking for candidates who can navigate the challenges of remote onboarding. Ultimately, our expectation is that this staff member would be based in one of our offices.  

Required qualifications: 

  • Strong project coordination skills
  • The ability to coordinate and support qualitative research and synthesize information and approaches
  • Collaborative and team-oriented
  • Knowledgeable about what determines community health, safety and wellbeing
  • Demonstrated commitment to equity and ability to work with diverse communities including communities of color and communities of low-income 
  • Demonstrated ability to work with diverse organizations, including community-based organizations, multi-sector coalitions, and government agencies
  • Commitment to authentic and enduring partnership development

Desired qualifications:

  • A master’s degree in a relevant field or commensurate experience 
  • Supervisory experience and skills
  • Experience in developing authentic and enduring partnerships
  • A continuous learner; Desire to learn and grow; consistently seeking new opportunities and integrating feedback to improve work quality
  • Flexibility; ability to work on multiple tasks with appropriate guidance and supervision
  • Excellent writing skills, including a demonstrated ability to write policy briefs, fact sheets, grant proposals, and other written materials
  • Strong oral communication skills, including the ability to deliver presentations and trainings to a diversity of audiences, including policymakers 
  • Strong analysis, synthesis, and critical thinking skills
  • Prevention Institute has a strong commitment to building a staff that is rich with cultural, social, and experiential diversity. Candidates who want to join us on this journey and can contribute to that goal are encouraged to apply and to identify their strengths and experiences in this area. 

Salary and benefits: This is a full-time position with a salary range of $60,000 to $70,000 per year. The appropriate salary level is determined by a review of relevant experience and qualifications and how they compare to stages within the range, as well as others in the cohort. Compensation includes a generous benefits package, including healthcare and dental insurance, paid time off, a wellness benefit, and retirement plan, among others. 

To apply: Please email all required information to; please include “Program Coordinator” in the subject line of your email. The requirements for a complete application are a cover letter, resume, and brief writing sample. Incomplete applications will not be reviewed. Applications will be considered as they are submitted; the position remains open until filled.

No phone calls, please.