We never stop championing prevention and health equity, because we know that health, safety, and wellbeing are among the most important things for all individuals, families, and communities. Along the way, we counter challenges, because we also know that an important and effective way to experience health, safety, and wellbeing is through high quality community-level prevention. Even as prevention is trivialized or misunderstood, we help policymakers, decisionmakers, professionals, and the general public understand how important it is and how to implement high-quality prevention measures. Here’s how:

  • We innovate prevention and equity solutions that support community health, safety, and wellbeing and advance the field of prevention.
  • We build capacity for effective prevention and health equity, developing strategies that are actionable and practical.
  • We advocate for prevention and health equity policy and systems change, improving conditions for children, families and communities.
  • We champion prevention and health equity, amplifying opportunities and generating momentum.

In everything we do, we are deeply committed to partnership and collaboration. Our ability to innovate, for example, emerges in our work alongside communities and organizations across the country that are surfacing problems and applying our tools and methods to approach challenges in new ways. As we build capacity, we align with partners to support implementation and achieve change. We lead and collaborate to advance policy and systems change. And we champion community successes and developments in the public health field to inspire government, philanthropy, and community leaders to build momentum toward effective prevention and equitable health, safety, and wellbeing outcomes.

Read Health, Safety, and Wellbeing for All, Prevention Institute's Strategic Framework, here.

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