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Making Connections for Mental Health and Well-Being among Men and Boys in the U.S.

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A Report on the Mental Health and Well-Being of Men and Boys in the U.S. and Opportunities to Advance Outcomes related to Prevention, Early Intervention and Stigma Reduction

This report was developed by Prevention Institute for The Movember Foundation. It describes the mental health landscape in the U.S. and, in particular, the mental health and well-being of boys and men. Designed to help The Movember Foundation shape its strategic direction and resource allocation for its mental health focus in the U.S., this report was informed by interviews and a literature review. The needs and recommendations that are included in this report emerged from a synthesis of what Prevention Institute learned in this process as well as from the Institute's extensive experience working on health-related and prevention issues in the U.S., previous work on understanding norms associated with traditional masculinity, and work in mental health and related systems. Across the interviews and the reports reviewed, there was remarkable consistency in themes, trends and challenges.

Prevention Institute developed this report between January 17, 2014, and February 17, 2014. This version of the report has been modified from the original submission to The Movember Foundation for distribution in the U.S.


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Prevention is Primary


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