Dana Serleth

Chief Operating Officer


Dana Serleth, Chief Operating Officer

As COO, Dana Serleth directs the internal functions at Prevention Institute.  As a member of the core leadership team, Dana is responsible for providing advice, analysis, direction, oversight, and hands-on implementation of financial and operations matters; identifying opportunities for improved efficiencies and performance across the organization, and for ensuring a physical environment that supports and advances the organization’s cutting edge work. She comes to the organization with over thirty years of experience in leadership and management roles in both the private and nonprofit sectors.  For four years, Dana served as Executive Vice President and CFO of a public health law nonprofit. For three years prior, she served as Director of Operations & Finance at the Center for Justice and Accountability (CJA), a nonprofit international human rights law firm. Before working at CJA, she co-founded and managed a service that provided technology solutions to non-profits, small businesses and residential customers. She also served eight years as President and CEO of the Every Child Can Learn Foundation. Prior to joining the Foundation, she worked in a progression of jobs at IBM in sales, marketing, finance, administration and ultimately public affairs, where she led efforts to enhance the corporation’s reputation and find common ground with local community needs in the Western U.S. Dana graduated from Scripps College with a degree in British and American literature.